The After School for
All Partnership for St. Louis

The After School for All Partnership for St. Louis (ASAP) is a community effort to increase access to quality after school services in Greater St. Louis, Missouri.

ASAP is an initiative of Area Resources for Community and Human Services (ARCHS).

After school plays an important role in the life of any region. It is through after school that many students for the first time compete in their first sport, learn to play a musical instrument or perform in a theatrical performance. After school enhances the traditional school day and assures parents that their child is in a safe, nurturing and educational environment.

ASAP is making remarkable progress in adding after school programs throughout the region:

  • Students are getting help with homework and learning through hands-on activities.
  • Parents can see their children succeeding in school and beginning a journey of lifelong learning.
  • After school professionals are learning from each other and from experts in the field.
  • Public and private funders are pooling their resources.

The region is investing in its future and its future leaders. Learn more about ASAP through this website. The site is frequently updated with stories and pictures to showcase the hundreds of activities that take place everyday throughout ASAP's network of after school programs located in schools and community centers.