ARCHS' Lifelong Learning Programs

ARCHS' Programs

ARCHS designs, manages, and evaluates programs for its funders based upon the universally held premise that education holds the key for optimal personal and professional success.

ARCHS is able to address a very wide range of issues and concerns for its funders - from cradle to career.

ARCHS' managed programs are making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of the region's most vulnerable children and families.

ARCHS' programs focus on:

Funders turn to ARCHS to leverage the talent and resources of trusted program providers to advance formal and informal educational opportunities with real impact and proven results.

ARCHS selects program providers based upon their expertise and talent per funder requirements. ARCHS in turn strategically supports its program providers to assure the funder's requirements are met and exceeded. ARCHS offers program providers added support and expertise they normally would not directly receive from a funder alone.

ARCHS provides its program providers with hands-on:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Professional Development
  • Program Evaluation Expertise
  • Performance-Based Contract Support
  • Marketing/PR Opportunities

ARCHS' Program Provider Questionnaire:

ARCHS would like to learn more about your organization and innovative programming. Please follow the directions provided in ARCHS' Program Provider Questionnaire.