Parents of After School for All Partnership (ASAP) youth believe the activities their children participate in are having a positive impact. This past February, 573 parents completed surveys that asked a variety of questions about their ASAP experiences and impressions. The survey tool was developed by Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

In the survey, 98% of parents said the after school programs help produce better school day learning and behavior for their child.

94% of surveyed parents believed the learning their child gains in the after school program has a direct correlation/link to the curriculum taught in the regular school day.

Also, 94% said they believe their child's grades have improved since participating in after school.

Finally, 99% of surveyed parents think the after school program is an effective and integral part of the entire student school experience, while 99% said the after school program staff takes adequate precautions to make sure their child is cared for and safe.

Each of the 29 after school programs in the ASAP system offer a full hour of homework/academic support every day as well as a variety of social/life skills, health/recreation, character development, and parent engagement activities.

ASAP is a community effort to expand access to, and increase the quality of, after school programs for the Greater St. Louis Region. For the past eight years, ARCHS has served as ASAP’s backbone organization providing intensive technical assistance and professional development to more than 200 after school staff members.

ASAP is funded by a unique network of public and private funders such as the State of Missouri, St. Louis Mental Health Board, and Stupp Foundation (Commerce Bank, Trustee).