After two years of thoughtful discussion and planning, Nonprofit Missouri is poised to make its public launch with ARCHS serving as its fiscal agent. The mission of Nonprofit Missouri is to improve the lives of all people and communities in Missouri by promoting, protecting, supporting, connecting and serving Missouri’s not-for-profit sector.

ARCHS will serve as Nonprofit Missouri’s fiscal agent to help ensure revenue and expenses are properly accounted for. ARCHS is also allowing Nonprofit Missouri to utilize its merchant credit card services and online membership application system, which result in significant savings in financial and human resources – both of which are in scarce supply during Nonprofit Missouri’s start-up phase.

“It’s never easy to get a new nonprofit up and running, and it’s especially difficult in the current economic environment,” said Richard Potter, Nonprofit Missouri Interim Executive Director. “Thanks to the fiscal agent services provided by ARCHS, we’re able to focus our efforts on recruiting and serving new members.”

Nonprofit Missouri is an alliance of not-for-profit organizations – created by and for not-for-profits – with the potential to serve tens of thousands of member organizations.

The alliance will link local organizations to a statewide audience and will help not-for-profits:

  • Manage and lead more effectively
  • Collaborate and exchange solutions
  • Speak with a unified voice on critical policy issues affecting the sector
  • Achieve greater impact in our communities

Tom Etzkorn, who sits on the Inaugural Board of Directors, said Nonprofit Missouri will be a statewide alliance that unites and promotes not-for-profit organizations of all types, sizes and geographic locations.  It will provide resources to help build and sustain quality not-for-profits in Missouri.

“It is our belief that Missouri is a much stronger state if populated by a vibrant, relevant and responsive nonprofit sector,” Etzkorn said.

Nonprofit Missouri will fill a void in the state and act as a unified voice for all not-for-profits. Until this year, Missouri was only one of a dozen states without that unifying voice.

“Nonprofit Missouri will serve as that voice to promote Missouri’s nonprofits and create a greater awareness of what nonprofits do to serve Missouri citizens and communities. When issues like tax exemption are debated in Jefferson City, it’s important that state legislators are informed as to how their votes will impact their constituents, people who look to nonprofits for services,” Potter said. “We’ll protect nonprofits by representing their needs and interests in Jefferson City, and in Washington D.C. through our association with the National Council of Nonprofits.”

The mission, governance, structure, budget and basic programming and systems for Nonprofit Missouri are in place. The organization is now looking towards potential funders to help underwrite early stage start-up costs.

“Importantly, we are now embarking on our initial membership drive to quickly populate the organization with a wide-base of nonprofits, which is the very targeted population we want and need to ensure Nonprofit Missouri’s viability and sustainability,” Etzkorn said. “Needless to say, there is still much work to do but we’ll take our cue about priorities from our members because after all, it is their organization.”

Members of Nonprofit Missouri will see cost savings through group purchasing discounts, and they’ll be able to connect with each other through networking and professional development opportunities. For more information on Nonprofit Missouri, click HERE.

ARCHS also serves as the fiscal agent for Family to Family and the J.U.I.C.E Project.