The After School for All Partnership for St. Louis (ASAP) is proud to be one of 6,000 communities across the nation taking part in Lights On After School. The 11th annual Lights On After School will be held Thursday, October 21 and will feature more than 1 million Americans in rallying for after school programs.

Dozens of ASAP programs will participate in Lights On After School and will host Fall Festivals, Pajama Jams, Hip Hop Sock Hops, Sports Night, Academic Olympics, After School Cook Off and more!

ARCHS serves as the strategic fiscal and contract management agent for ASAP. ARCHS is the largest provider of free after school programming in the St. Louis region.

ASAP and its partners have added 2,560 new additional "after school slots" to the City of St. Louis. ASAP is working toward a goal of adding more than 5,600 new slots to assure that at least 22 percent of city-based students have access to after school services (the national average).

Learn more by CLICKING HERE to visit the ASAP website.

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